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Senior Citizens' Recreation Group

This Group meets every second Friday throughout the year except for a break between Christmas and Chinese New Year. The Group consists of members of senior citizen status. Attendance at these get togethers vary from 40 to 80, depending on the occasion.

The Group's activities include:

The group also participates in the annual "Biggest Morning Tea" fund raiser for the Cancer Council and other selected community events/functions.

The Seniors Group commenced in May 1992 and continues to meet each fortnight. It brings together the senior members of our club once a fortnight to participate in a range of pursuits. The get togethers provide the opportunity for the members to spend quality time with one another and to participate in selected community activities. They also establish a valuable rapport between the Management Committee and the senior citizen members of our Society. This is important in maintaining continuity of our culture and heritage, thus providing an avenue for members to pass on their knowledge and skills to fellow members and the younger generation.

For further information, please contact Mrs Melanie Chin on 0412 903 980.