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2015/2016 Sub-Committees and Co-Ordinators

The Management Committee would like to advise that the Co-Ordinators for the Sub-Committees for 2015/2016 are:

Temple Affairs - (tba)
Building - (tba)
Museum - (tba)
Hall Hire - (tba)
Youth - (tba)
Seniors - (tba)
Lion Dance Troupe - (tba)
Jade Dragons - (tba)
Membership - (tba)
Newsletter - (tba)
Carparking - (tba)
CWS I.T (computer) - (tba)

If you have a query in relation to any of the above Sub-Committees, feel free to  email your query to

If anyone wishes to join any of the above sub-committees, please send an email to and you will be included.