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10-05-2011 10:56 hour
Nigel Holden ( Adelaide , Australia )

This is just a quick email to formally thank Richard and the CWS team for the amazing museum experience I had on Saturday 7 May 2011. All of the museum exhibits were very informative and well presented and the temple is also a very special place. I must admit that at times my jaw dropped at some of the priceless artefacts and stories that you have on display. I only wish that I could spend more time in Darwin and visit the museum again and again. I must also add that the community work detailed on your website is truly wonderful and again a real credit to you all. In order to share my "Darwin experience" I will be including an article in the monthly newsletter I send to the members of my little community group in Adelaide. SA Chinese Adoption Support (SACAS) Inc provides support services for SA based adoptive families with Chinese born children (PRC, Hong Kong and Taiwan). As you might imagine, developing a better understanding of Chinese history and culture is important to many non-Chinese adoptive parents as well as to their Chinese born children. I hope that some of our members will visit the temple and museum if they are lucky enough come to Darwin on holiday/business. Anyway, well done to all involved and please keep up the good work!

Kind Regards,
Nigel Holden
President South Australian Chinese Adoptee Support (SACAS) Inc

11-02-2010 14:17 hour
George ( Darwin , Australia )

Nice site

10-06-2009 21:18 hour
Bee ( aussie )

Hey, this site is really cool. i'm doing a reasearch task on darwin, and this site helped a lot. so colourful

22-01-2009 22:08 hour

Congratulations CWS on a job well done

22-01-2009 15:38 hour
Richard ( Darwin , Australia )

well done! excellent site! keep up the good work.

22-01-2009 14:15 hour
Nathan ( Australia )

Excellent website! It is vibrant and informative! Well done to everyone at CWS!

PS: The lion dance page is my personal favourite! :P