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Want to know more about Chinese Culture?

Posted by: Roger

Ever wanted to know more about Chinese Culture?  The book "Chinese Dimensions: Their roots, mindset & pysche" by Dr Y.S Yow is an excellent  source for those who would like to understand Chinese culture, but are unable to read Chinese texts.

Topics include:

  • The ethnic Chinese profile, history & land of origin
  • Chinese literature, poetry, proverbs
  • Chinese names, language and culture
  • Ancient paradigms, Yin-Yang, the five elements
  • Pillar of dynasty, Divination, I-Ching, Chinese Zodiac

This is an ever-green book you can pass down from generation to generation.

The book is only $45.00 and is available from the NT Chinese Museum or by contacting Adam Lowe (0411 631 726).

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