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Help us go Green!

Posted by: Roger

Help our environment, reduce your paper waste, and get timely updates by registering now to receive Chung Wah Newsletters and Alerts by email.

There are many members who do not have regular access to email, and those who just like receiving mail. So we will continue to make hard copy newsletters and send them through the mail to you until you register your preference to receive all alerts by email.

Allowing the Chung Wah to email you (for Chung Wah business only) will also mean that you get timely updates on any event that is occuring.

Sometimes, we have information that is relevant to all, but as we only do a monthly newsletter, it is often too late for us to notify members. We also find that members forget to tell us of their change of address! An email newsletter is quick to read, easy to file, and cheaper for our organisation too!!

Your email address will NOT be provided to any external organisation for use.

To register your preference to receive Alerts and Newsletter by email, please email or

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